14 March 2017

– TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO – “Ryokan” has been created with a total of 16 rooms

With its blend of nature and experience, our Japanese hospitality “Omotenashi” helps each and every customer to enjoy an unforgettable stay.At the beginning of your stay, we will welcome you with the fragrance from the plentiful flowers of the ever-changing seasons as we walk along the small path through our Japanese garden.

Japanese-style Tatami Rooms
In a space that emphasizes the traditionally tranquil Japanese setting, we have fitted the rooms with low beds and sofas for the added relaxation of our overseas or elderly guests. The bathrooms are decorated in gentle tones and have separate bathtub and washing area, so you can bathe in comfort.

OH-SAI Lounge
A lounge exclusively for guests of the TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO, where you can sit back and relax. Japanese activities such as “Origami”, “Furoshiki wrapping,” “Kimono dressing (additional charge)” are also available so that you will have an impressive and memorable stay.

Private spa for guests staying in the TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO. With each and every treatment performed with care and devotion, the perfect combination of beauty and good old-fashioned Japanese tradition, you can spend time getting your mind and body back into harmonious balance.

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 Noon – 9:00P.M.
  • Reception Hours: 10:00A.M. – 10:00P.M. (reception closes at 10:00P.M.)

?Japanese garden
Takanawa’s Japanese garden, which covers about 20,000 m2, was designed by the late Kusuoka Teiji, who also worked on the new Imperial Palace.Dotted around the garden, there are 16 kinds of flowers – from which the names of the TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO rooms were derived – as well as about 230 cherry trees of 20 varieties, a pond with carp, Sakurabashi bridge across the stream, a temple dedicated to Kannon, and a bell tower.While looking at the “Guide for Your Stay” that you will receive on your arrival, please enjoy a relaxing stroll amidst abundant nature.

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