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Enjoying Japan with a Focus

Getting to know Japanese history and culture: Kyoto, Otsu, Hiroshima

Take a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, and enjoy a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji from the train along the way. In Kyoto you can feel the history, visiting Japanese temples and Buddhist statues and encountering traditional cuisine.
Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto

Just 9 minutes by train from Otsu Station to Kyoto Station is city of Otsu, which is also ideally located as a base for exploring Shiga and Kyoto area. The mountain of Hiei, a path from city of Kyoto to Otsu, is one of the famous areas for its historical temples as well as for its beautiful scenery.
Otsu Prince Hotel

Hiroshima is also very popular historical city for tourism. Visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to get in touch with the city’s history of nuclear attack, and tour around the island Miyajima, a World Heritage Site with famous Itsukushima Shrine.
Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

grand-prince-hotel-kyoto grand-prince-hotel-takanawa otsu-prince-hotel

Enjoying highlands and golf: Karuizawa

The birthplace of Japanese resorts, Karuizawa is about an hour from Tokyo on the bullet train.?The Prince Hotels in Karuizawa offers a wide range of activities, from sports like golf and skiing, to shopping. Enjoy a relaxing time in the midst of beautiful natural scenery.

The Prince Karuizawa
Karuizawa Prince Hotel East
Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
Karuizawa Asama Prince Hotel


Mt. Fuji and hot springs: Hakone

In the surrounds of majestic natural scenery, Mt. Fuji can be seen across Lake Ashi. The Hakone area is home to numerous old shrines, historical sites, museums and other attractions.Enjoy a time of rest and relaxation at a traditional hot spring resort.

The Prince Hakone
Hakone En Cottage West
Hakone En Cottage Camping
Hotel Daihakone
Hakone Yunohana Onsen Hotel



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